About Us - Chaplaincy

The Chaplaincy Program at the College is partially funded by the Australian Government through DEEWR as part of the National School Chaplaincy and Student Wellbeing Program. This program continues to be of great benefit to the school community and is an integral and vital part of the College’s educational offering as it provides a focus for an appreciation of the spiritual dimension of human life.

The Chaplaincy Program also addresses specific pastoral and educational needs of staff, students and families. As a pastoral professional the Chaplain engages actively in the Homeroom program and other school well-being programs in support of staff and students.

The Chaplain works closely with Deputy Principal Wellbeing, the Heads of Year and the School Counsellor in ensuring pastoral care is available for all students.

Following major traumas which have affected the school community, the Chaplain has offered specialised support and training which has been praised by the School Board and parent body. As an educational professional the Chaplain participates in the teaching life of the school. He supports staff development activities across areas as diverse as coping with difficult behaviour, dealing with stress, bereavement, ethical conduct, recovery from disasters and building self-esteem.

As a ministry professional the Chaplain is an Anglican priest licenced to the Bishop of the Diocese and is actively involved in the Diocesan School Chaplains group. The Chaplain regularly seeks out opportunities for professional development in relation to all three professional areas listed above. The Chaplain is a well liked and respected member of the school community. He is a peace maker whose presence is considered to have a calming influence upon the school community. He actively encourages good humour and generosity within the school community. Students, staff and families are very aware of the Chaplain’s presence and availability. He is readily accessible and is often accessed, as needed.

The Chaplain is also accessible to the senior staff and regularly consults with the Principal. Apart from staffroom and classroom interactions, as well as play-ground encounters, the Chaplain delivers: regular inclusive prayer and a homily at our weekly Chapel/Assembly; leadership and coordination of special religious services as required, e.g. Easter, Year 12 Farewell, End of Year/Christmas. writes a column in the school newsletter; leads groups in ethical and spiritual reflection; coordinates several lunchtime clubs; is energetically involved in our biannual Activities Week community building programs, both school based and trips away.