About Us - Our Staff

Executive Staff

Principal: Paul Humble

Deputy Principal - Head of Campus: Trevor Howard

Deputy Principal - Teaching, Learning and Innovation: Anthony Heffer

Acting Director of Students: Ross Kennedy

Business Manager: Daniel Davidson

Chaplain: Gareth Tyndall

Head of Communications/Registrar: Karen Wilson

Head of Department - Mathematics: Andrea Barkla

Head of Department - English: Corrina Hawke

Head of Operations: Alex Sarantakos


Head of Departments

Agriculture: Trevor Dawson

Community, Activity and Service: Jane Lister

Christian Studies: Gareth Tyndall

Drama: Jenny Freeman

English: Corrina Hawke

History: Colin Wright

HSIE: Gavin Hase

International Baccalaureate: Patricia Humble

LOTE: Virginie Vignas (Relieving)

Mathematics: Andrea Barkla

Music: Jenny Freeman

Music Performance: Clare Brassil

Outdoor Education: Kelly Bowen

PDHPE: Rachael Addison

Science: Maureen O'Connor

Students with Additional Needs (SWANS): Kylie Woodgate

TAS: Vivien Daniher

Visual Arts: Lindie Mannion


Leaders of Wellbeing

Year 7:

Browning and Sheppard: Lauren Kelly

Fox and Stanley: Elizabeth Passlow

Year 8: Luke Richardson and Jennifer Jenkins

Year 9: Emma Smith and Isaac Mannion

Year 10: Meegan Farmer and Trevor Dawson

Year 11: Amall Liakatos and Kelly Bowen

Year 12: Dane Fuller and Kym Kjaer