Co-Curricular - Sport

School Sports on Fridays

Sport is regularly conducted in the two hour session after lunch on Friday. Students are generally transported off site to participate in various activities. In Term 4, students have several options to choose from for Friday sport with those on the higher welfare levels having first choice.

Sporting Policy

The Sporting Policy is for students to actively participate in a variety of competitive and non-competitive societal games and recreations. There is a balance between participation for all students and the ability to strive for excellence in competitive sporting activities. Sport is not an adjunct to other endeavours but is an integral component of the total school educational programme.

Attendance at the College’s annual carnivals in Athletics, Swimming and Cross Country is compulsory.

Sport Carnivals

The College holds its own carnivals in Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country. Students are selected after these Carnivals to represent the College in interschool Carnivals.

Inter-school Sport

Inter-school sport is encouraged with the College entering teams in many sports including Touch, Cricket, Hockey, Rugby Union and League, AFL, Soccer and Netball.
A combined carnival for all Wagga Schools is held in Athletics, Swimming and Cross Country.

The College belongs to the Border Independent Schools Sports Association (BISSA). Carnivals in Athletics, Swimming and Cross Country are held with elite athletes moving to the Combined Independent Schools as members of the Riverina Associated Schools team. Successful competitors at the Combined Independent Schools carnival are eligible for the State and National Championships.  


CIS Sport 

There has been a slight change in the nominating process for NSW CIS events. Students are now required to complete an NSW CIS nomination form, have that signed by their parents and returned to the box outside the PDHPE staffroom. In the coming week, the CIS Sports Calendar and nomination form will be uploaded to the College website. This will include competition dates and nomination closing dates. As well as this, there is an NSW CIS board outside the PDHPE staffroom which will have a copy of the calendar and blank forms for students to take. It must be noted that whilst the College will make individual nominations, it is the responsibility of the students’  family to arrange all other logistics relating to the competition.

Download CIS Nomination Proforma

View CIS Event Calendar