Curricular - The Dr Ian Grant Library

Welcome to the College Library. As well as for academic pursuits, the library is open for students and staff to read, return / borrow books, play board games, use computers and for quiet socialising.

Library Hours are:

  • Monday—8.30am—4.30pm 
  • Tuesday– 8.30am—4.30pm
  • Wednesday—8.30am—4.30pm. After 3.10pm is for students participating in Homework Help only.
  • Thursday—8.30am—4.30pm
  • Friday—8.30am—1.00pm

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The Library runs a Literacy programme for all Year 7 students. The students will have 1 period a week all year with up to three teachers attending. We will teach research and study skills as well as encouraging reading for pleasure.


Students may borrow up to 3 fiction and 5 non-fiction books at one time. The books are due for return after 2 weeks. When a book is overdue a notice will be put in the Roll to be handed out at Home Room, usually on Monday morning. Students are encouraged to see the librarian if there are any problems with lost books or queries about whether a book was returned or even borrowed at all. If a book is considered lost, usually decided after discussion with the student, a letter will be sent home informing parents of the cost of replacement.

Senior Students

Senior Students are encouraged to use the library for study periods. There are 2 Senior Study areas in the library. Computers are available for their use if not already booked by a class. They should check with the library staff at the front counter before logging on.

Homelearning Help

Homelearning Help is held in the library each Wednesday afternoon, from 3.20 pm to 4.30 pm. Members of staff are available to help students with assignments or class work. No bookings required. Students just come, sign in, and bring whatever work they need to do for as long as required. Specific help is available, as are general tips on researching and effective use of study time. Computer use for research can only occur after consultation with a teacher. There is no recreational use of computers during this time and only students attending for homelearning help may be in the library.


The College has subscribed to the ELES Online Study Skills Handbook. This is a great online resource for parents and students to address all their study skills issues and concerns in a timely fashion. Click on the link below and enter the College login details to access. (Forgotten the login? Email us )