Curricular - Visual and Creative Arts

Visual Arts

Our students take an active interest in the Visual Arts syllabus with regular visits to local and regional galleries and annual trips to major exhibitions and Art Express in Sydney. Year 11 undertake a workshop over 3 days in Bundanon. This exposure and commitment is exemplified by several students’ works being chosen for Art Express in recent years.


All students undertake a unit of playbuilding in every 100 hours of the course. Playbuilding refers to a group of students collaborating to make their own piece of drama from a variety of stimuli. At least one other dramatic form or performance style must also be studied in the first 100 hours. Examples of these include improvisation, mime, script, puppetry, small screen drama, physical theatre, street theatre, mask, comedy and Shakespeare. Students also learn about the elements of drama, various roles in the theatre, the visual impact of design, production elements and the importance of the audience in any performance.

Photography and Digital Media

This is offered as an elective subject in Years 9 and 10. Students learn many different aspects of photography from using film cameras, developing their own film and images in the College’s darkroom, to learning digital skills by taking images and manipulating them in Photoshop. Throughout the programme regular visits to exhibitions and workshops are conducted, giving students a high exposure to other photographers’ skills. Visiting photographers periodically come to the College and speak about their experiences and photography career. Students also undertake photo shoots at various sites around Wagga. Students also have the opportunity to enter numerous photographic competitions. At the end of the course students have a wide variety of photographic skills, ranging from knowing how to take a compositionally sound image to framing devices.