Enrolments - Kindergarten Readiness Program

Kindergarten Readiness Program

Students enrolled to start Kindergarten in 2021 will be invited to attend to take part in the Kindergarten Readiness Program.

Step 1: Kindergarten Readiness Conference

Getting to know you and your child.


When: 27 July to 7 August 2020


Duration: 20 minutes


Who: Child and Parent/s or Guardian/s


Where: The Riverina Anglican College Library


We recognise that starting ‘Big School’ is a major milestone for a child and their family.The Kindergarten Readiness Program has been developed to ensure a smooth transition to our Junior School.


These fun activities will include:

* Draw, Discuss, Reflect
* Colouring and cutting
* Number and sound game


These are aimed at discovering and observing student’s:

* Interests and passions
* Reflective thinking skills
* Response and communication
* Descriptive language
* Ability to understand and follow simple instructions
* Fine motor skills
* Number, colour and sound recognition


Throughout this conference children will also engage in conversation which will centre upon their likes and dislikes, feelings about going to school, and their interests.


At The Riverina Anglican College we acknowledge parents as the ‘first educator’ of their children. Parents/Guardians will be given the opportunity to share parent insights by completing a Parent Insight form. This invaluable knowledge helps us make connections for learning and ensure your child’s nurturing learning experience is individualised.


Step 2 - Little TRACers Kindergarten Readiness Program 

A day in the life of Junior School.


When: Term 4, 2020


How long: 2 half days a week across 3 weeks


Who: Child


Fun Kindergarten activities that integrate subject areas such as English, Mathematics, Creative Arts, History, Geography, Science and technology.


Teachers are able to observe students;
* Language skills
* Motor skills
* Concentration and emotional maturity
* Independence
* Physical wellbeing
* Students experience a typical day in Kindergarten

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E: enrolments@trac.nsw.edu.au

P: 02 69331811 and ask to speak to the Director of Enrolments and Public Relations.