For Parents - General Information

Office Hours:  8.30am to 4.00pm on school days  


Phone: 02 69331811

If you wish to speak to a teacher please leave a message with the office, as it is often difficult for teachers to come to the phone during class time or at lunch when other duties take priority.

The office will normally close during the designated vacation period. An answering service will be available and cleared during these vacation periods.

Student Diaries

Student diaries are issued on the first day of Term 1. Students are expected to take their diary to each lesson and record details of assignments, homework and other school related activities. The diary is also the first method of communication between school and home. If a diary is lost or damaged, a new one can be purchased from the school office. 


The College does not have a canteen.  However, lunches such as wraps are sold by student fundraising groups from the Outdoor Education kitchen are most days.


Chapel is held every Monday morning in the Gym. Students lead the singing, praying and reading of God’s Word. Our College Chaplain preaches weekly and his messages are available via podcast.

Driving to School

Student who intend on driving themselves to school are required to read the Student Driving to School Policy located below, before completing the Driving to School Permission Form, and return it to the College Office. If the driver has additional passengers (other than siblings) they are also required to complete the Passenger Permission Form. Student Driving to School Policy Driving to School Permission Form Passenger Permission Form


Lockers are available for students to use at the College. To apply for a locker, students are required to complete a locker request form. The cost of hiring a locker is $20 per annum. This fee will be applied to the student's fee account.

Mobile Phones

It is not appropriate for students to use mobile phones or electronic music/game players during the school day. Mobile phones must be turned off during classes unless instructed to use them by a teacher. In times of emergency, students are able to contact parents from the College Office. iPods and other personal music players may be used by Year 11 and 12 students in the Senior study areas and Library only. If mobile phones and electronic music/game players are being used in class time they will be confiscated from the student and kept in the school office until the end of the school day. Students should not call parents from their mobile phone if they are sick. The student should present themselves to the office where staff will admit them to Sick Bay and contact their parents.

School Sport

School Sport is held every Friday afternoon and is compulsory for all students in Year 7-10. A wide variety of sports are offered. For those who are taken to venues outside the school for sport, a note from a parent must be given to the supervising teacher if the student is to be dismissed from the venue and not return to school. If a parent/guardian collects a student from sport they are required to personally inform the teacher.