For Parents - Leave

Student's leaving the College for vacation or withdrawing their Enrolment need to complete the appropriate form for approval before the commencement of the leave.

Extended Leave

If the student will be absent for more than 2 weeks (10 school days), an application to the Principal is required is required via the Application for Extended Leave - Vacation/Travel Form.  Once this document is completed by the Parent/Guardian, please return to the College Office for processing.  You will then receive a Certificate of Extended Leave - Vacation/Travel.

Notice of Withdrawal

Except as otherwise prescribed in the Enrolment Agreement, a full term’s notice in writing to the Principal ( and Enrolments Team ( and  is required of intention to withdraw a student from the College, otherwise a term’s tuition fee will be payable.

A fully completed and signed Student Clearnance Form (see below) is to be returned to the College Office five days prior to the leaving date.  All text and library books need to be returned and fee payments finalised before the enrolment bond is refunded.

Junior School Student Clearance Form

Secondary School Student Clearance Form

If the student is Under 17 as at the leaving date, and will be commencing an Apprenticeship or Traineeship, an Application for Exmeption from Enrolment at School Form is also required, as well as the Student Clearance Form.  This form needs to be signed off by the Investigating Officer (Careers Advisor) in the recommendation section. Return the completed form to the College Office to be signed off by the Principal .  Once this document has been signed off by the Principal, you will receive a Certificate of Exemption from Enrolment at School.