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Wellbeing Policy, Year Coordinators and Wellbeing Programs

The College strives to make effective provision for the personal guidance of each student. We recognise the responsibility with which we have been entrusted. Effective pastoral care cannot hope to fulfil its aims without continual co-operation and communication between school and home. Every member of staff is aware that they have a pastoral role both in acting as a role model and also in everyday guidance and support. The Heads of Year are a central point of contact for wellbeing issues. The College will endeavour to communicate directly with parents if a pastoral issue emerges with their child. Parents are encouraged to communicate directly with the Principal should changed circumstances at home be seen as potentially influencing a student’s behaviour or attitude. In this manner teachers and parents share the common goals of producing bright, lively and balanced children keen to function co-operatively in both family and school life. School days should be among the happiest days of our lives.

Our staff and students talk about mental health on Youtube

Year 7

Head of Houses - Fox and Stanley: Elizabeth Passlow

Head of Houses - Browning and Sheppard: Lauren Kelly

In Year 7 students work with Year 12 students on the PUP Transition program in Weeks 2, 4 ,6, 8, 10 in Term 1

Year 7 also do the Rock and Water Program in Term 2 on Friday afternoons

Year 8

Head of Year: Luke Richardson

Assistant Head of Year: Jennifer Jenkins

In Year 8 students take part in a Wellbeing Day at Camp Kurrajong in Week 10 Term 1

Year 9

Head of Year: Emma Smith

Assistant Head of Year: Isaac Mannion

Year 9 take part in a Wellbeing Day in Weeks 8, 9 of Term 4

Year 10

Head of Year: Meegan Farmer

Assistant Head of Year: Trevor Dawson

Year 10 Decision Making afternoon in Week 8 of Term 4

Year 11

Head of Year: Amall Liakatos

Assistant Head of Year: Lachlan Grant

 Year 11 go to Tathra for a Leadership Camp in Week 1 Term 4

Year 12

Head of Year: Dane Fuller

Assistant Head of Year: Kym Kjaer

College Counsellor

Michael Lance


Our welfare policy is available for download here.

Link to esafety website

Supporting your child through grief and loss