About Us - Chaplaincy


At The Riverina Anglican College, we believe the word of God is living and active because that Word became living and active in the person of Jesus Christ and his gracious work of death and resurrection to redeem sinful humanity. We also believe in the vitality of God’s word because it is implanted in the hearts of Christians by the Holy Spirit and shapes their actions. As such, the message of the Gospel is alive and well at our College. Below you will find information about the many and varied ways that God’s living and active word is brought to bear on the life of our College, all for the glory of Christ.


Gareth Tyndall oversees the implementation of the Christian mission of the College, but much of that task involves equipping and supporting staff and students to make Christ known. Gareth is a qualified English, Drama and Studies of Religion teacher, as well as holding a Bachelor's degree in Theology from Moore Theological College, Sydney. Gareth serves as the Head of the Christian Studies faculty, leads his colleagues in prayer at staff briefings, runs a weekly staff devotion and prayer meeting, and meets with staff and students for pastoral care. He also plays an integral role in the initiatives outlined below.


Our weekly Chapel services are the bedrock of the College’s expression of its Christian identity. Here God’s living word is enacted by students and staff through their singing, praying, public reading of Scripture and preaching. Our College Hymn, All Glory Be To Christ is sung each week to rebuff any pretence to our own glory, equipping us to celebrate our academic, sporting, cultural and service achievements as expressions of our gratitude for God’s myriad provisions. 

Interviews, videos, poetry, audio-visual presentations, skits and music all feature regularly in Chapel, yet the core of our service centres on preaching. The Chaplain’s preaching is rooted in the firm conviction that the faithful response to the Gospel is to ‘Preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; rebuke, correct, and encourage with great patience and teaching’ (2 Timothy 4:2). This means that each week a passage of God’s word is the focus in Chapel and its message is the focus of what is preached upon. Because that word and its message come from the mouth of a loving God His love is manifest through the preaching, which is brought to bear on the lives of our College community. You can listen to a Chapel message via the TRAC Chapel podcast.


This acronym stands for The Riverina Anglican College Worshipping Our Risen King. The name captures a vision for our student-led lunchtime group that TRAC will work best when we worship our risen king, Jesus. It also serves to remind our College community that our faith at TRAC is to be one demonstrated by active service; effectively work. It is a radical time because we read God’s word together and expect that the Holy Spirit will shape our hearts as we do so. We eat, laugh and pray together for each other, regularly exhorting one another to live authentic Christian lives on campus.

Fellowship Captains

This portfolio involves weekly ministry training with the Chaplain, running various social justice campaigns, leadership within student fellowship and prayer groups, as well as regularly serving at Chapel services through prayer and preaching. The Fellowship Captains partner with the rest of the Senior Student leadership team to guide and serve the College on a daily basis.

Christian Education

Students complement their studies with two lessons of Christian Studies in a fortnightly cycle from Years 7 to 12. In these lessons, students are equipped to know how to read the Bible, how to understand the beliefs and practice of Christians, and how to realise a practical application of the Gospel. Throughout their journey at the College, our aim is to provide our students with a comprehensive understanding and empathy for the reality of God’s sovereign providence, Christ’s loving sacrifice and the Spirit’s transformative work for humanity, and to provide this opportunity in a winsome, welcoming and wise manner. More details about the course can be found on our Curriculum page.