Co-Curricular - College Colours

College Colours

College Colours are awarded to commend commitment to academic, cocurricular, service and sport activities within the College.  They recognise excellence in an activity and the commitment to regular participation, practice and competition. 

Bronze Colours

This is an award to students in Year 10 or above who:

  • demonstrate either excellence in a College activity or have shown consistent participation and commitment in that activity over a period of 4 years. The exception would be a student in Years 10-12 who are held to have shown commitment over a shorter period of time and is prevented by their leaving College to fulfil the 4 years
  • uphold the Honour of the College
  • contribute to the positive image of the activity within the College
  • for a student in Years7/9 to gain Bronze Colours would require BISSA or equivalent representation.

Silver Colours

This is an award to students in Years 11 or 12 who:

  • demonstrate excellence in an activity
  • uphold the Honour of the College
  • actively contribute to the promotion of that activity within the College

It is expected that the level of excellence required is such that the nominee would be selected in a representative team such as BISSA or a similar team, that is, the nominee has a significantly higher standard of skill than most other people of that age.

In the case of a non sporting activity, the student must gain recognition from an institution beyond the College for which they may have to audition or have shown the level of excellence by a high level of success in a regional or State competition.  For instance, a student may gain a place in the Sydney Youth Orchestra or HICES Festival of Music or reach the finals of a Chess, Debating or Performing Arts competition.

Gold Colours

This is the highest co-curricular award that the College can give.  It is expected that a nominee would already have won a Silver Colour or at least have satisfied the criteria for a Silver Colour (as outlined above).

Gold Colours are extremely difficult to achieve and the level of excellence required would be such as to ensure selection in a State or National Team or an equivalent standard for non sporting activities.  It would be expected that the individual would be able to compete or perform as an equal with the best people in that activity from any school in New South Wales and prove that by representation in a BISSA/CIS First Representative Team or equivalent.
Year 12 students must apply for Gold Colours early in Term III.  This application must be supported by the relevant TIC and evidence of their achievements.
Gold Colours are awarded by the Principal at the Year 12 Formal.

A College ‘Blue’

In recognition of students who have attained a standard of excellence in an area of endeavour outside the range of co-curricular activities offered, The Riverina Anglican College has created a ‘Blue’.  This will be awarded to those who reach national or international standing in their chosen activity, as well as upholding all of the values and standards of a College Gold Colour.  A student awarded a Blue will have contributed fully to the life of The Riverina Anglican College.
To "uphold the Honour of the College", means that the nominees must always conduct themselves in a manner which brings credit to the College.  Poor conduct and attitude in several areas would lead to either a rejection of the application or a request to re-submit the application when the offending behaviour had been shown to have improved.
To "actively contribute to the promotion of the activity within the College" means that the nominee must do something more than be just a player or performer.  This could, of course, take many forms but, for instance, assisting in the organisation of the activity, coaching or teaching younger students, refereeing, helping to set up competitions or performances etc.

Bronze/Silver Nomination Form 

Gold/Blue Application Form 


Contribution to the Life of the College

College Service

Part of The Riverina Anglican College’s aims are to develop an understanding and acceptance of Christianity and sensitivity to the need of others. As a real and practical way in which to both encourage and measure the realisation of these aims, students will participate in either individual or group service to the community. By taking action, students will build values and gain knowledge.  Service will be a visible and tangible reflection of our collective Christian values. 

All students in Year 7 to 10 are encouraged to complete at least ten hours of service over the course of the year.  Some events may be organised through the College outside of timetabled lessons, such as the Blood Bank Ambassador, Outdoor Ed Kitchen, etc...  Other activities include assistance at a sporting event, anti-litter campaigns; volunteer work such as at WIRES or a nursing home will be counted.

The program will be monitored through the Homeroom. Students should keep a record of their service hours in the page provided in the Diary certified by the organiser’s signature.

Service will be noted in reports at the end of the year under the following categories:

Years 7 & 8:                             Years 9, 10 &11:

Bronze:  4 to 6 hours         Bronze:  5 to 9 hours

Silver:     7 to 10 hours         Silver:    10 to 15 hours

Gold:      over 10 hours           Gold:      over 15 hours