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What is a Vocational Education and Training (VET) course?

VET courses allow school students to gain credentials from both the NESA in terms of the HSC, and from an RTO, in terms of a nationally recognised credential while completing the HSC. Students must therefore be assessed under conditions satisfying both NESA and the RTO, which in our College’s case is the Association of Independent Schools. (AIS NSW RTO 90413)

The nationally recognised qualification varies from course to course, it will either be a Certificate I, Certificate II or Statement of Attainment towards Certificates I or II. Students gain skills at an entry level in competencies that are specific and relevant to the industry area they are studying. This is achieved through both practical and theory work completed at the College, as well as through structured work placement of approximately one week each year. It must total a minimum of 70 hours over the two-year course.

It must be noted that participation and or completion of these courses does not automatically guarantee a qualification. Suitable competencies must be achieved in order to achieve the above mentioned certificates. If a student does not meet these requirements, they will receive the Statement of Attainment applicable to their course of study.

At the College students can enrol in the following VET framework courses: 

Construction - CPC20211 Certificate II in Construction Pathways (Based on CPC08v9.4) 

Metals and Engineering - MEM10105 Certificate I in Engineering (Based on MEM05v11.1)


Students may complete the course with not only two credentials, but also with work readiness skills and attitudes that make them better prepared for, and more likely to gain employment.  

Cost: Students enrolled these courses are required to have completed the General Induction Program (White Card) prior to being able to undertake work placement. The college will organise for this to occur on site at the college. The cost is in 2020 was $130. A reimbursement of $50 is available from the AIS once the program has been completed.


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