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English is a compulsory subject for all students in Years 7 to 12, but it is also one of the most exciting, challenging and rewarding. It aims to develop the abilities of students in the key skills of reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing and representing through the study of quality literature that also teaches our students about the world around them, and how to navigate this world. It involves the engagement with a wide range of literary forms including fiction and non-fiction, prose, poetry, drama, film, media and other multimodal texts.

In the Junior years of English study, we aim to encourage a deep passion for language and reading. This year we have lengthened our units so that we can integrate a concurrent unit that requires students complete a formal wide reading and writing program, where regular engagement with both reading and writing is essential for the development of skills and confidence. Our aim is to provide deep, rich, transferrable learning opportunities.

In the Senior years, students have the option of selecting the IB Language and Literature course (with their selection of the IB pathway) or the NSW NESA Higher School Certificate Course, which offers English Studies, Standard and Advanced English courses.

In the Higher School Certificate Course, Senior students are able to complete additional units of English in Year 11 and 12 where they specialise their literary studies. If they select this option they can complete an extended study of literary worlds in Extension I, exploring literary homelands, mindscapes, intersecting worlds, reimagined worlds or worlds of upheaval.

In Year 12, they can further deepen their skills in independent research and creative composition by selecting to complete a major work, which can take a number of different forms including: short fiction, poetry, critical response, script, or creative non-fiction. Students can also create podcasts and multimedia texts.

Our curriculum includes a touch typing program so that our students are equipped with this essential 21st Century skill that will save them valuable time in the completion of homework, assessments and in their future careers. Working smarter not harder.

In addition to the formal curriculum, we offer extra curricula opportunities in debating and public speaking.

Throughout all learning in English we aim to develop lifelong learning skills, building student resilience and resourcefulness as well as their capacity to take responsibility for their own learning opportunities by knowing when and how to work both independently and collaboratively.  

Year 7-11 Scope, Sequence and Assessment 2020

HSC Assessment Booklet 2020

HSC Study Days for Advanced and Standard English

The NSW English Teachers Association have moved the HSC study days for Advanced and Standard English to online learning due to Covid-19 – all students can register for free. Register your interest here