Curricular - PDHPE

Personal Development, Health and Physical Exercise provides students in Years 7-10 with opportunities to enhance their own and others’ health, safety, wellbeing and participation in physical activity. Students develop self-management, interpersonal and movement skills to become empowered, self-confident and socially responsible citizens. In Years 11 and 12, elective Personal Development, Health and Physical Exercise is a very popular subject and is aimed at students aspiring to study Physiotherapy, Medicine and Sports Science as well as for those who have a strong interest in sports. This course provides students with the opportunity to learn about the range of areas that underpin health and physical activity. With a focus on health of individuals and community as well as the factors that influence movement skills and physical activity levels, students develop their critical thinking skills and develop a deep understanding of the factors that impact on health, sport and physical activity in Australia.

In Years 9 and 10, students may choose the following elective subjects within the PDHPE department:

Physical Activity and Sports Studies aims to enhance students’ capacity to participate effectively in physical activity and sport, leading to improved quality of life for themselves and others. Students engage in a wide range of physical activities in order to develop key understandings about how and why we move and how to enhance quality and enjoyment of movement

The Child Studies syllabus reflects the multidimensional nature of child development and learning and the interconnectedness of the physical, social, emotional, personal, creative, spiritual, cognitive and linguistic domains. Students will have the opportunity to explore this interrelationship through each stage of development in the early years. Child Studies also includes study of preconception and family preparation, newborn care and the influence and impact of nutrition, play, technology and the media.

Dance provides students with the opportunity to undertake a study of Dance as an art form. Students study three interrelated components; Performance, Composition and Appreciation and develop their understanding of dance practice in relation to a wider appreciation of dance artists and their work.