Curricular - Technology and Applied Studies


Technological and applied studies (TAS) is one of the fastest-growing and most innovative subject areas. The TAS KLA is made up of a diverse range of subjects. The subjects offered at the Riverina Anglican College include:

  • agriculture/agricultural technology
  • design and technology
  • food technology
  • graphics technology
  • industrial technology – metal
  • industrial technology - wood
  • Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)
  • information and software technology
  • software design and development
  • technology (mandatory)
  • textiles and design/textiles technology.

Specially trained staff, teach classes that are restricted in size due to the inherent safety considerations associated with the experiences in which the students are involved. Specialised facilities are provided to enhance the students' learning experiences. All high school students in NSW study at least 200 hours of TAS subjects in Years 7 & 8. The TAS curriculum in Years 9-12 may be studied as elective subjects selected by the students to best suit their individual needs. Similarly, technology subjects in Preliminary and HSC years are elective and these subjects should be selected according to student's strengths and needs.

Technology Mandatory

The Years 7-8 Technology (mandatory) course (200 hours) gives students an appreciation of design/design processes and an understanding of how humankind uses technologies to develop creative and innovative solutions to real problems. Students learn about technology by undertaking design projects in the areas of:

  • Digital Technologies
  • Food and Agriculture and
  • Material technologies, which include:
    • Metal
    • Wood
    • Textiles
    • Electronics
    • Engineered Systems and
    • STEM

 Technology Mandatory at The Riverina Anglican College is comprised of six 12 week units over the two-year period.