Curricular - Visual and Creative Arts

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts faculty at The Riverina Anglican College promotes a positive learning environment that nurtures creativity and critical thinking skills, encouraging individual artistic expression. Our vision is to provide a structured creative environment that enables students to develop a life-long commitment and appreciation to the visual arts, through both practical and theoretical studies.

In Year 7 & 8 (Stage 4) students are introduced to Visual Arts by learning about aspects of the artworld and creating a range of artworks.

By choosing Visual Arts as an elective subject in Years 9 & 10 (Stage 5) students can further their skills and knowledge by producing more detailed artworks, as well as investigating various artists in more depth.

Stage 6 senior students have the choice to study either the HSC or the International Baccalaureate course, giving them the ability to develop skills and extend their knowledge, so as to assist their advancement as artists, designers, photographers, film makers, ceramicists and citizens of the world.  Year 11 & 12 students can express their creativity in their own unique senior art space, which makes up part of the College’s visual arts hub area. Past students have gained placement in ‘ARTEXPRESS’  which showcases outstanding HSC artworks, providing an insight into students’ creativity and issues that are important to them.

In Stage 5 & 6, students have the opportunity to be involved in a variety of ‘hands on’ workshops, facilitated by visiting professionals, as well as participating in excursion trips to local and city exhibitions. 

All students are encouraged in their creativity by making unique and diverse artworks, which are exhibited in the annual end of year College Showcase event.

Photography and Digital Media

Photography & Digital Media is offered as an elective subject in Years 9 & 10, giving students the opportunity to concentrate on their passion of static and moving images. Students learn numerous skills, such as developing their own film and photographs in the College darkroom, to learning digital skills by taking images and manipulating them in Photoshop.

Students’ knowledge and skills are extended by additional educational activities, such as viewing a variety of local and city photographic exhibitions, by participating in ‘hands on’ workshops and photoshoots, or by gaining knowledge and expertise from guest photography speakers.

Students have the opportunity to enter numerous photographic & film competitions, such as the annual College Photographic Competition, the prestigious national Ilford Photographic Competition, as well as the local Wagga Wagga Show and the annual Coolamon Shire Council Photographic Competition. These competitions provide invaluable experience for the students to hone their practical skills, gaining confidence and exposure to the general artworld.