For Parents - BYOD

The Riverina Anglican College aims to offer students rich learning experiences in the development of knowledge and skills. The College is aware that there have been significant changes to the way students prefer to learn and how teachers can facilitate the teaching of 21st century skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration. To better accommodate the needs of students in the 21st century, the College asks families to support the College’s mandatory BYO device program.

The Riverina Anglican College is a Google Apps for Education school. Google Apps for Education provides staff and students with unlimited, safe storage space for all learning files and Google Classroom facilitates the organisation of learning in a feedback rich environment. The College provides eTextbooks for students in Stage 4 and 5 as they come with a large quantity of carefully selected online, interactive resources that engaging, challenging and complement the written resource. All students at the College have access to Education Perfect to supplement their classroom learning. Education Perfect is powerful and intuitive learning software that provides students with the opportunity to work at their own pace, at their own level and receive instant feedback on performance. Students in Stage 4 will also learn keyboarding skills by using Typing Tournament to develop speed and accuracy. Touch typing is a valuable life skill and students must develop this skill for important online examinations such as NAPLAN.

Please note the use of a laptop will not replace handwriting within the classroom. At this stage there are no plans by NESA to move away from handwritten exams at the HSC.

Learning software provided by the College  

Google Apps for Education

Google Classroom LMS

eTextbooks (Stages 4 & 5)

Education Perfect 

Microsoft Office cloud subscription 


Preferred device and Minimum Specifications

12” - 14” Laptop Full keyboard 

Operating system    Windows 10 64-bit or Mac OSX 

RAM                        Minimum of 8GB  

Hard disk drive        Minimum of 128GB Solid State Drive (SSD)  

Processor                Intel Core i5 or greater

Advice when purchasing a BYO Device for your child's learning

The College understands that buying a laptop for your child to use as a learning resource is a major investment. There are a multitude of retailers offering special prices and deals on Consumer-Grade devices. Student devices need to be durable as they travel to and from school in bags which are also picked up and put down more than 20 times a day. Students then open and close their devices more than 20 times per day and use the keyboard and mouse pad to navigate and document their learning. The College recommends purchasing a Commercial-Grade PC Laptop through Learning with Technology and a MAC computer through Computer Centre, Wagga. LWT and Computer Centre Wagga supply commercial-grade devices that are specifically made to meet the demands of the working and travelling student.

LWT and CCW only supply the most durable devices available and these machines are not available to commercial retailers. Most importantly, both suppliers offer fast and reliable warranty services.


There are a wide variety of devices ranging from less than $1000 up to $2000. This will be determined by your family budget. Our preferred suppliers sell devices based on performance, battery life, durability, ease of repair and compatibility with our network.  


Preferred Suppliers

Learning With Technology - Windows Laptop

LWT provide a purchasing portal with flexible payment options, prompt delivery, insurance, warranty and a dedicated BYOD Hotline for parents to call with ordering, payment, delivery and warranty enquiries. 

Learning with Technology purchasing portal is provided here 

LWT Sales and Warranty - 1300 550 717 

For warranty support - log here

Service - 1300 556788 or

Computer Centre - Apple Mac

The College recommends purchasing a Mac Air Laptop though Computer Centre, Wagga. Computer Centre are an official Apple computer store and offer the most comprehensive range of Apple products and expert advice for all your Apple computer needs. Computer Centre are a certified Apple repair provider and offer fast turn around and dedicated customer service.

Computer Centre Wagga offer a priority service for students and staff of The Riverina Anglican College.

Options and Prices available here