For Parents - Illness and Accidents

Illness During the Day

Any student who falls ill or is injured during the school day should report to the Administrative office for treatment. Ill or injured students will be admitted to the sick bay. Parents will be called if the Sick Bay staff consider it necessary. Students are not to call parents asking to be collected without the knowledge of staff.

Illness / Misadventure

To view the process required if a student is absent due to illness or misadventure on the day an assessment task is scheduled or due, please review the Illness and Misadventure Flow chart below: 

Illness and Misadventure Flow chart

Illness and Misadventure Application Forms are available below:

Illness and Misadventure Application Form - HSC

Illness and Misadventure Application Form - Year 11

Illness and Misadventure Application Form - Years 7-10

Illness and Misadventure Application Form - COVID-19

Additional Forms:

Illness and Misadventure Appeal Form

Request for an Extension of Time on an Assessment Task



No medication is provided by the College for students. Parents of students who need to take medication during school hours should provide the medication with instructions for administration to the College office. The notification should include any possible adverse side effects and the recommended administering times and dispensing instructions. All medication is kept in a locked cupboard in the Sick Bay area. Where a student needs to carry asthma medication or an epipen, parents are asked to advise the College of this.

Accident Insurance

The College uses AON as its insurer and purchases the Gold Plus Student Accident Protection Plan.  Non-Medical expenses can be claimed as well as lump sum payments for specific incidents.  Invoices which attract the Medicare rebate are the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

Student Accident Protection Plan 

Forms are to be completed by the parent, the treating medical practitioner and then signed off by the College Principal before being sent by the College to the insurer.

Student Accident Claim forms are available here 

Forms for the Medical Practitioner to complete are available here 

If you have any queries in relation to making a claim, please contact the Business Manager