For Parents - Transport to school

Bus Pass Information

Students who require free school bus travel should complete the forms required for bus transport: Transport for NSW website.
Bus passes will be routinely issued during the first week of the school year from the College office. Travel on school buses is permissible without a bus pass for the first four weeks of school until new passes have been issued to students. New bus passes need to be issued whenever the student changes address. 

Information on school bus timetables is obtainable by contacting Busabout on 02 6921 2316.

Private Vehicle Conveyance Subsidy

Where there is no public transport available parents can apply for a subsidy towards transporting students to school or to the nearest bus stop by private vehicle. This applies only where the nearest transport pick-up point is at least 1.6 kilometres from home. To be eligible travel must be made from home to school or transport pick-up point both in the morning and afternoon.

Applications for private vehicle conveyance must be made on the Transport for NSW website. 

Driving to School Policy

The following steps need to be taken and agreed to before students are permitted to drive to and from the College.
• They have written permission from a parent or guardian
• Any student travelling in the car of another student can only do so with the written permission of both parents/guardians (ie the driver’s and the passenger’s).

The College recommends that siblings be permitted and, at most, one other authorised person.
• Vehicles must not leave the College during the day without signing out from the College office. 

Driving to School Policy 

Driving to School Permission Form 

Passenger Permission Form