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TRAC Online - Continuity of Learning Plan 

The following approach is to be implemented to support students who are learning from home. The implementation of the pland commenced on the 30 March 2020 and will be re-evaluated as required. 

'The learning does not stop' is a key message to our College community.  At the same time, the wellbeing and health of our College community comes first and we will all need to be flexible in understanding what learning looks like in this new paradigm.

Summary of Delivery 

  • Learning will be online for all subjects, including lessons, assessment tasks and resources. Assessment tasks will most likely be modified from those indicated in assessment booklets and may include more project based learning. Alterations to the information provided in the booklets will be communicated to students via the Google Classroom. 

  • Lessons will be provided for all students via Google Classroom. These lessons will be supplemented by staff contact via Screencastify and/or the Google Meet platforms that allow a degree of interactivity and contact. The degree to which this will be possible will depend on the Key Learning Area and staff availability. Google Meets must contain more than one student- any less than this and the meeting will be postponed. 

  • Some work may cover the equivalent of 2-3 lessons. This will all be communicated via the Google Classroom. 

  • Teachers will advise in advance the delivery of online video conferencing teaching or be available for questions live via Google Meet- details for these will also occur via the classroom and will usually coincide with the student’s timetable. 

  • Attendance will be monitored by teachers based on the work completed in the Google Classroom. The work that students upload to the learning platform will be indicative of their engagement with the lessons provided. Teachers will seek to make due dates practical for students and it will be expected that they meet deadlines as required and communicate with their teacher if unable to do so. 

  • Practical subjects will provide resources that cover theory elements and where possible provide video content that deals with how to complete practical type activities. i.e. PE activities that can be done at home. 

  • Staff will provide feedback on work provided by students at regular points in the learning cycle. 

  • In the event that a class teacher becomes ill, or is required to take carer’s leave and is not able to work online, the Head of Department or fellow teacher will be providing work for the Google classroom. If this is unable to be carried out, parents will be notified that lessons are suspended for that class.

  • Download 'Continuity of Learning Plan'.




Students with Additional Needs (SWANs)

The Australian Independent Schools published a resource to assist students, parents and carers with information on accessibilty options such as a screen reader.  Click here to find out more. 

If you require assistance or advice to help your child with learning from home please contact: Head of SWANs 


Online Educational Resources

We would like to share some optional enrichment opportunities that you may use at home with your children.

Khan Academy 


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