For Parents - Wellbeing

Assistance during the time of TRAC Online

The Coronavirus has had a dramatic impact on all of our lives by upsetting the routines and habits we have developed to help us make sense of the world around us. The temptation is to let anxiety rule the day and our children feel this greater than adults. The College is here to support you and your family during this time of crisis. It is important to note that every change presents its own set of unique opportunities. During this time it is important to remind ourselves to think.

‘How can I help my child continue to thrive at this time?’ Here are some tips that we believe may help.

  • Stay in contact with positive people and communicate with support structures such as family and friends
  • Connect with school friends in class, homeroom and year meetings each school day
  • Pick up a book and read or download an audiobook from the College library
  • Do some exercise around the house such as gardening or cleaning
  • Limit time spent on social media and take a critical eye to all information
  • Watch a funny movie or use Clickview to broaden your understanding of a topic
  • Do something creative like cooking, drawing or painting
  • Be productive! Do something you’ve always wanted to do...
  • Do an online cardio workout with GROUP HIIT No equipment needed.
  • Eat healthily
  • Do some journaling
  • Relax
  • Tidy your room
  • Learning takes effort and resilience. Stick at it, ask your classroom teacher for help.

Our Staff Are Here to Help

During this time of social distancing, change in routine, and concerns for public health, we recognise that this can take a toll on our social-emotional health. If you or your child would like a staff member to check-in, we would be happy to connect you/your student with one of our staff or administrators. To begin this process email your details to the applicable Leader of Wellbeing and arrangements will be made to stay connected and care for your child's wellbeing. 

Acting Director of Students: Ross Kennedy 

Year 7

Leader of Wellbeing -  Fox and Stanley: Elizabeth Passlow

 Leader of Wellbeing - Browning and Sheppard: Lauren Kelly  

Year 8

Leader of Wellbeing: Luke Richardson

 Assistant Leader of Wellbeing: Jennifer Jenkins  

Year 9

Leader of WellbeingEmma Smith 

Assistant Leader of Wellbeing: Isaac Mannion 

Year 10

Leader of Wellbeing: Meegan Farmer

Assistant Leader of Wellbeing: Trevor Dawson  

Year 11

Leader of Wellbeing: Amall Liakatos

Assistant Leader of Wellbeing: Kelly Bowen  

Year 12

Leader of Wellbeing: Dane Fuller

Assistant Leader of Wellbeing: Kym Kjaer 


College Counsellor

Michael Lance 

College Chaplain

Gareth Tyndall