For Parents - Advice to Parents and Carers

If schools are closed for an extended period of time, the College will continue to provide learning for your child to complete at home and wellbeing support. 

Learning at TRAC has always been a partnership between the student/parent/carer and teacher, however the current situation now sees a shift where there is a greater emphasis on the parent/carer to be more involved. 

 Advice for Parents/Carers

  • Your responsibilities – there are things you will need to do to help your child learn from home such as setting routines, finding a quiet space and asking how their learning is progressing.
  • Your child’s responsibilities – your child will also need to follow the routines set for them and complete the tasks the teacher assigns doing their best work.
  • How to plan their day – have discussions every evening about learning expectations for the next day, and help them to use a diary to plan for the next day. 
  • Looking after their wellbeing – you will need to make sure they have breaks, drink water and eat meals at regular times. 
  • Encourage activity and going outside for vitamin D. 
  • Communication – it will be important that you talk to your child regularly about their learning. 
  • Using technology and screen time – it will be important that you supervise your child to use technology safely and put limits on the time they spend online.

If a Parent or Carer Needs Help With The Student's Learning

If you have concerns about your child's learning, you can contact their classroom teacher, Leader of WellbeingActing Director of StudentsDeputy Teaching, Learning and Innovation 

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