Wellbeing - Student Wellbeing

The College strives to make effective provision for the personal guidance of each student through our whole school approach to student wellbeing. Every member of staff is aware that they have a pastoral role acting as a role model whose everyday guidance and support aims to: 

enhance the development of a school environment where children and young people feel safe, valued, engaged and known. 

deliver curriculum which provides students with opportunity to acquire knowledge and develop positive values, attitudes and behaviours 

provide access to support structures that identify and support all students, in particular those students dealing with learning, social, emotional or wellbeing needs 

establish partnerships with parents and wellbeing specialists to ensure appropriate assessment and intervention is available to those who need it most.

As such the Riverina Anglican College student wellbeing program: 

supports, enables, enriches and extends the educational experiences of all students 

provides all students with access to information and opportunities that promote holistic wellbeing

supports and strengthens academic wellbeing and co-curricular learning opportunities 

is built upon effective communication and positive relationships

is nurtured and strengthened by including community in our whole school approach

• develops, in all students, the College's values of Faith, Kindness, Excellence, Learning, Individuality and Innovation.