Wellbeing - Welfare Level System & Student Conduct

The College’s Welfare System encourages students to attain larger goals by gradually achieving smaller ones. The level system places a student at a level from one to ten. Students on levels four to one need to reflect and evaluate their behaviour in order to progress to a higher level. Students on level ten would be regarded as displaying outstanding effort and high participation in academic, citizenship, sporting endeavours and creative and performing arts. All students will start on level five.

Once a student has received five awards they must take their certificates to their Year Co-ordinator along with an application sheet. Application sheets are available at the College office.

Level eight to ten Awards will be presented by the Principal at the College assembly each Wednesday. Level six to seven will be presented at Year Assemblies. Upward movement in the merit system often occurs for outstanding effort in:

  • Academic achievement
  • Sporting achievement
  • Service to the school community
  • Creative and Performing Arts Achievement

A variety of incentive awards within the Welfare System are offered each term. The following is a list of awards offered recently: i) Once a student reaches Level 9/10, they are encouraged to continue to submit Certificates for their achievements. ii) Once they submit 20 certificates they can trade these for a gift voucher at a variety of stores in Wagga. iii) A free /subsidised lunch/outing/treat for students on Levels 9 and 10.

Student Code of Conduct

Download the Student Code of Conduct Form here